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Sugar 7 and connectors : need a little How To

Question asked by Gaelle Fernandez on Jul 15, 2014
Hi evreyone,

what i would like to achieve :
On an Account DetailView, i would like to add a button which calls an external website to get datas on this account, by the Account number or/and the account name and/or the account' CEO's name.
The datas i will get from this call will be used to update the sugar account's datas.

So, i figured out i could use Sugarcrm Connectors.
And tried to understand them and started to create one. (with this :
but, well, even if my custom basic connector is loaded by the module loader and visible under Admin>connectors settings, i don't see what it does on say Contact module (which i had added in the connector setting)

As you can see, i'm really new to everything which is REST and connectors, so if you could provide me a little how to/explanation, i would be grateful.

And if you think i should use other thing than a connector, please let me know your opinion! :)

Thanks a lot.