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Error when loading subpanels

Question asked by Katip Halim on Jul 8, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2014 by gperez gperez
Hello, I founded the successful SugarCRM. but on some pages (I added pictures) gives the following error. On this page and search on the internet but I could not figure out. Thank you for your help
My OS: Debian Linux
My Crm: Sugar Crm 6.5.17

Notice: Undefined index: KBDocuments in /home/isgdemcom/domains/ on line 495
Notice: Undefined index: in /home/isgdemcom/domains/ on line 499

Warning: include_once(/home/isgdemcom/domains/ failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/isgdemcom/domains/ on line 499

Warning: include_once(): Failed opening '' for inclusion (include_path='/home/isgdemcom/domains/') in /home/isgdemcom/domains/ on line 499

Fatal error: Class name must be a valid object or a string in /home/isgdemcom/domains/ on line 500

contained in the file that is causing the error code I've added below.
//load subpanel module's table name and column fields.
  function load_module_info ()
   global $beanList ;
   global $beanFiles ;

   $module_name = $this->get_module_name () ;
   if (! empty ( $module_name ))

    $bean_name = $beanList [ $this->get_module_name () ] ;

    $this->bean_name = $bean_name ;

    include_once ($beanFiles [ $bean_name ]) ;
    $this->template_instance = new $bean_name ( ) ;
    $this->template_instance->force_load_details = true ;
    $this->table_name = $this->template_instance->table_name ;
  //this function is to be used only with sub-panels that are based
  //on collections.