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How can I set a field with a link to a grandparent relationship value?

Question asked by wegedapuga wegedapuga on Jul 8, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2014 by Renato Renato
I create my modules in studio.
All this modules include in one package.
After creating package in Studio I edit him in php editor.

I have 3 modules:
1) Clients.
2) Orders.
3) Payments.

Relationship model:
Clients <-(one-to-many)-> Orders <-(one-to-many)-> Payments.

On module Orders automatically created field Client with hyperlink on related client.
On module Payments automatically created field Order with hyperlink on related order.

I want add same field in module Payments on Client!
In the payment I want to see a client who owns payment!

I try add related field on Client, but!
expected: realationship payment->order->client
actual: realationship payment->client

I try use calculated field, but calculated field not updating, when parent field changes.
And calculated field display only name of client, not hyperlink.

Please, help me realise this field!