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"Viewed" is no longer counting in campaign status

Question asked by jlabuelo on Jul 7, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2014 by jlabuelo
Hi all

We have an old version of Sugarcrm CE V5.2, but it has been working fine for the last 4 years. However these days we are suffering and "strange" behaviour in the Campaing module.

We have launched a Newsletter Campaing where every month we send a Newsletter to our contacts and leads. The Newsletter is sent fine and all the "destinations" are receiving the mail with the newsletter, however we are getting problem in the "View Status" report tool in our SugarCRM instance.

We are able to see the number of mails sent each time, and the number of mails tracked of those whom has clicked in the link inside the newsletter.... however the column of the report that should show the number of contacts and leads that have opened the mail (Viewed) is always "0".

Is this a typical problem with an easy workaround?, We have no idea why suddenly this has started to happen. Maybe a problem with the SMTP server configuration which is provided by

Please any advice will be quite well received :-D!.

Thanks a lot for your help and time!