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How do I hide Case>Note Subpanel bottom "Save" , "Cancel" and "Full Form" buttons and only show top buttons?

Question asked by KD KD on Jul 4, 2014

I have created some validation on Case>Note Sub-panel and it is working fine but we have found that Case >Note Create/Edit view has "Save" , "Cancel" and "Full Form" buttons at Top and on bottom as shown in snapshot.
Even the ID of say(Save button) is same for both Save buttons(top and bottom) but validations are working only on upper save button and not on Lower save button(e.g. if upper save button is disabled by validation logic then lower save button remain active).
So please tell me , how to HIDE the lower "Save" , Cancel and "Full Form" buttons at the bottom and keep the only top button. so that I can run validation functionality successfully.

Thanks in Advance!!!