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Are there any scripted Telesales/Telemarketing Campaign modules?

Question asked by aslam aslam on Jul 3, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2015 by Elaine McDermott

I'm looking for a way to do scripted telesales/telemarketing campaigns in Sugar CRM. I have seen solutions like GrapeCity Telesales for Salesforce and CallPro CRM and they do exactly what I want to do, but they don't do it with Sugar. Particularly GrapeCity; they do a great job of this, include prospect scoring and their interface is easy to use. But they are only on Salesforce and the add-on is officially discontinued/no longer supported which is a real problem.

What I need is this:

  1. Be able to setup a list of prospects pulling them from my leads/contacts/accounts

  2. Call Scripting: Be able to setup a call script with questions/answers as well as free flow information capture so that my reps can gather the info from the customers
  3. Call Scripting: Scoring of customer responses to enable me to rank their likelihood of buying and rate their potential. (this is a nice to have not a need to have)
  4. Call Scripting: branching script steps so that based on their answers, some questions are skipped and/or extra questions are raised

  5. Ability to assign specific telesales reps or a team of reps to the campaign. When the rep comes in, they hit a "Next Prospect" button and are presented with information about the prospect including their buying history. They then place the call (manually or with an autodialer) and are presented with the script/questions to ask the prospect.

  6. Ability to manage the queue of prospects and have a prospect stay in the queue until they are successfully reached or are manually removed from the queue

  7. Ability to re-schedule prospect calls for a particular time (which would take them out of the general queue until that time and/or create a task for the rep to call them at the scheduled date & time)

  8. Ability to confirm and/or edit a prospect's contact details during the call

  9. Ability to schedule follow-up activities, create Potentials/Opportunities and convert Leads directly inside of campaign screens

  10. Reporting to see which prospects are high potentials based on their answers/scores, how many opportunities were generated through the campaign, how successful the campaign was at generating closed business 

  Does anyone have any experience running scripted telesales campaigns in Sugar CRM? Are there any plugins/add-ons that will add this functionality the same way that GrapeCity adds this functionality to Salesforce?