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Disable creating notes from incoming email attachments

Question asked by Asaf Army on Jul 3, 2014
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i added my imap email account in the Emails module and the importing process ended with all emails inside my email module.
i also defined a new email group (that imports incoming emails to the system) and relate the email to the Leads/contacts/accounts history panel.

after one month of using sugarcrm i notied that the space that sugar takes, incresed by one GIGA! and i noticed it is because of NEW 899 notes that where created automatically by the automatic import, during the month.
it must be because of the group email that import the emails with the attachments right?

this is a huge problem for me, 
how can i disable the automatic creation of notes from attachments, signature images and others from the incoming emails, while continue to imprt the emails text into the lead/contact/account History panel (without the attachment)?

using sugarcrm community 6.5.13.