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Sugar 7 : All my dependant fields aren't working anymore... What did i do wrong? How do i fix this?

Question asked by Gaelle Fernandez on Jul 2, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2014 by Gaelle Fernandez
Hello everybody,

I'm having a REALLY BIG issue on my custom fields. Under studio, in Meetings module, i've set a lot of my fields dependants. For example, most of them are visible only if the Meetings status is on "Held".

After the creation of all these fields (still by studio), I set my detail and edit view. Everything worked fine... until i copied another view.edit.php and another editviewdefs.php (i know this is NOT how we code. This is my mistake, i'm not a good coder... but by making mistakes, you learn. And i've learned my lesson here)

Aaaand, the result of this horrible mistake is : None of my dependant fields are dependent anymore. A.k.a, whenever i change my meeting's status from Held to like HelNoNext or Planned, i still have every of my field displayed. And of course, that's not what i wanted.

In studio, the fields still has "dependant" checked and the good formula is still written in it.

Well, after a lot of quick repair and rebuild, some js rebuild, i'm in a dead end now.. A really BIG dead end.

How could i get back to the before-my-mistake state? Or, how could I just make my field dependants again? (once again, in Studio they look good.. should i edit my editveiwdefs.php ?)

Thanks for your time, I hope you'll help me on this one.