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How can I make fields in users module editable by all users in 7.2?

Question asked by Ben Selby on Jul 1, 2014
In SugarCRM 6.5 you could, in the editviewdefs, make the department, reports to fields etc editable by users. This was simply removing "{if $IS_ADMIN}@@FIELD@@{else}{$TITLE_READONLY}{/if}" and not using READONLY.

However, in 7.2 this is no longer there, and from what I can tell it is looking at the ACL of the user to determine if the field is "hidden"/readonly or not.

When I run the edit profile page as a standard user the field ACL is 1, however if I run as an admin I have an ACL value of 4.


  1. How do I go about making these fields editable by standard users in 7.2
  2. Where is the field ACL being set, as I cannot see it in the database table of acl_fields