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How can I create a Many to Many relationship with campaigns in Sugar 7?

Question asked by Gaelle Fernandez on Jul 1, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2015 by Morgan88 Morgan88
Hello everyone,

My client has a 5.2 sugar version, and we are recreating it under 7.2. In this 5.2, they have a lot of custom codes and modules.. and i want to recreate one of those modules.

I want to create a custom module through ModuleBuilder. This module will propose a "next action" to do to people running a marketing campaign (like, you know, a call center runs the Campaign "Call prospects", and there are two different next actions  possible like "Recall later" - which plann a new call - AND "Plann a Meeting", and they use Next Action to do that (I don"t want a logic hook but a NextAction module!!!)

One action will be use in a lot of campaigns , and one campaign could be relied to different actions.
( i want a subpanel to be displayed under Campaign module AND NextAction module)

So, i've created a basic module under ModuleBuilder, but when i want to add relationships to Campaign, i only have "One-to-One" and "One-to-Many" relationships. I tried via Campaigns module in Studio, but i only have the "One-to-One" choice!

How do i set a Many-to-many relationship between campaigns and Next Action? Should i have to set some hard coded subpanel? Or maybe I can do it through Studio/ModuleBuilder but in another way?

Thanks for the help in advance!