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My fields are not updating when populating with Sugar Logic and Workflows

Question asked by SugarUser510 SugarUser510 on Jun 30, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2014 by Alex Nassi
I need assistance
with implementing time elapsed calculations and populating date and integer
fields. My problem is the fields are not updating.


Our default
status for new lead records is either “New” or “Trial”. My goal is to report
how long a record remains in these states before turning to a status of
“Converted”. This will populate integer and date fields accordingly.


Here are the
fields I have created:


Date field: “Date
qualification set”

Date field: “Date

Integer field:
“Days in new or trial” (these are the two default statuses for new lead records

Integer field:
“Days in qualification” (“qualification is the status that is manually assigned
to a lead record when a salesperson updates the record)


The formulas I
have for the integer fields are as follows:


Days in new or
trial (integer field calculation):



Days in
Qualification (integer field calculation):




The following 2
workflows have been created:


When lead status
value changes to “Qualification” – this has an action to modify the (date)
field “Date qualification set” to 0 hours from triggered date.


When lead status
changes to “Converted” – this has an action to modify the (date) field “Date
converted” to 0 hours from triggered date.