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Custom Field is not showing in ListView

Question asked by Nour Nour on Jun 27, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2014 by Francesca Shiekh
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I created a custom field that displays the age of contacts. I added a php file to my vardefs having this code: 
// adding age field
$dictionary['Contact']['fields']['age'] = array (
 'name' => 'age',
 'vname' => 'LBL_AGE',
 'type' => 'datetime',
 'function' => array('name'=>'getAge', 'returns'=>'html', 'include'=>'custom/CustomCode5.php'),
 'len' => '6',
 'comment' => 'What is the age of my contact'

I then defined my function getAge in another php file and wrote some simple logic. 
After doing build and repair, I went to studio and added the age field to detailview and listview. 
After creating a contact, and checking detailview I could see a correct age number and results were good. 
However in my listview, I could only see Age: with a dash under it and no value. 
Please help me. I checked many threads, but none were helpful. 
Thank you.