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Can't add field of a bean to a string

Question asked by aqua.alex aqua.alex on Jun 27, 2014
Hello, another small problem I ran into... (using 6.5.16 CE)

I try to add fields from different beans to a string to output it as a csv in the end. All working fine except for one field of a custom coded module.

The line that is causing the trouble:
out .= $beanTechgroupContact->appointed_by . ";";
When I try using is the script seems to be crashing and no output is generated. Also no hint in the debug-log. Interestingly enough when I try using:
the filed-contents are shown just fine in the log.

Can someone list me the requirements for a filed to be properly loaded? I noticed that I only have the entry for the vardef, but no var $appointed_by inside the class. I tried adding the declaration, but the module just crashes in that case...