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It is possible to get a module with related modules in a single request with the v10 API?

Question asked by tshields tshields on Jun 26, 2014
Using the v4 API I am able to call get_entry_list with the link_name_to_fields_array which will return a module as well as specified fields from related modules. Is there a way to do this using the v10 REST API?

I have a Users module and a Roles module. The Users module has a many-to-many relationship set up with the Roles module. I'd like to be able to display a list of Users and their related Roles in my application.

The only documented way I can find to get any information from related modules is with:

Using this method though would require an API request to get the Users records, then an additional request for each User to get their associated Roles. This is not a feasible solution. I would like to make one request that will return the Users records with the associated Role records for each User. Is this possible with v10 API?

I am using a hosted instance of SugarCRM Professional, Version 7.2.1.