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Accounts, Contacts, and Leads list view only return the first result after upgrade to 7.2

Question asked by Steve Cox on Jun 25, 2014

I've tried to update data from an onsite v6 installation to an onsite v7.2 using some reseller supplied scripts. It seems to be working reasonably well but I've just a issue with the list view for accounts, contacts and leads.

The reseller hasn't been able to help so I'm looking for some pointers to help with debugging.

Basically, list views for these modules only ever return one row of data. I've isolated this to be coming from the API - the data isn't being truncated by sidecar.

If I use a tool like 'postman' to request all leads, it only returns one.

Eg, the URL:



{    "next_offset": -1,
    "records": [
            "id": "",
            "date_modified": "2014-05-27T18:22:26+01:00",
            "full_name": "Acme Inc",
            "_acl": {
                "fields": {}
            "_module": "Leads"

I'm trying to work out what files to start hitting with var_dumps to get an idea on what is going on. I'm thinking that the -1' on the next_offset is something to do with it.

Any pointers welcome.