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Nav, tabs, and pills examples in Styleguide are not working

Question asked by Jeroen Somhorst on Jun 25, 2014
Currently I would like to use the example under "Tabbable nav" of the Styleguide (under
Nav, tabs, and pills, search for tab navigation) in a custom Dashlet. However, when tabs are clicked then the content belonging to the tab is not loaded. Also the "Get the javascript" button under "Custom jQuery plugin" is not working because there is no widgets.html file present anymore.

The following javascript is used:
this.$('#nav-tabs-pills').find('ul.nav-tabs > li > a, ul.nav-list > li > a, ul.nav-pills > li > a').on('click.styleguide', function(e) {
So can anyone help to get these tabs working and point me to the correct source files of this plugin?

Thanks in advance!