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Newly implemented logic hook is not running

Question asked by haalvin haalvin on Jun 23, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2014 by Dhaivat Naik
I need to write some logichook before save ,but I found it doesn't work in Lead module and other module except Account and Opportunity module.
I don't know if there are some code need to be changed in Sugar7?

I wrote the following two files.

$hook_version = 1;
$hook_array = Array();
$hook_array['before_save'] = Array();
$hook_array['before_save'][] = Array('1','logic before save','custom/modules/Leads/LeadsLogicHook.php','Leads_hook','before_Leads_hook',);

class Leads_hook {
    function before_Leads_hook(&$bean, $event, $arguments=null)    {

Could anyone help?