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How do I alter the opportunities table?

Question asked by hawat.thufir hawat.thufir on Jun 21, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2014 by hawat.thufir hawat.thufir
How do I add fields to the opportunities table so that they propagate?

  From within Studio > Opportunities > Fields I
added fields.  Pardon, I don't understand the next step to effect a
change on the database structure and GUI for creating and viewing

    The Fields that are available for the module are listed here by Field

To configure the properties for a field, click the Field Name.

To create a new field, click Add Field. The label along with the other
   properties of the new field can be edited after creation by clicking
   the Field Name.

After the module is deployed, the new fields created in Module Builder
   are regarded as standard fields in the deployed module in Studio.

Neither the interface for Opportunities nor the underlying table are altered.

How do I alter the table?