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I can't add the "First Name" field as a column to SubPanel ListView layout when the module is of "Person" type

Question asked by Paul Paul on Jun 21, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2014 by Francesca Shiekh
Hi everyone.
I created a new package using builder on 6.5 community edition and added 2 simple modules on it, one relating to the other in a one to many relationship and everything works perfectly at that point.

The issue is that when I use "Studio" to customize the Sub-panel columns listview layout I'm not able to drag and drop the first name and last name columns as they don't show up on the list, in fact I can see all my custom columns there but not the columns that inherited from the "Person" module type.

I could create a "Basic" module type and add those name columns manually but I would like to know what's the catch to have the first_name and last_name columns displayed under the Listview layout column customization.

I searched a few php files on my webserver folder and edited some but couldn't figure how to get them to display there.

Any help is much appreciated.