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Initial_filter not working for Backward Compatibility modules in 7.2

Discussion created by Gaelle Fernandez on Jun 20, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2014 by Gaelle Fernandez
Hi there,

When in Meetings' edit view, I have a related field for Campaigns.
I want to filter the Campaigns popup (and elasticsearch) by Campaigns with status = "En cours".
The status field is a simple dropdown, and 'En cours' is one of its options.

So, in custom/modules/Meetings/metadata/editviewdefs.php, i have set this code for the field Campaign :

1 => array (
     'name' => 'campagne_c',
     'studio' => 'visible',
     'label' => 'LBL_CAMPAGNE',
     //GFE added displayParams for Campaign le 20/06/2014
     'displayParams' => array(
            'initial_filter' => "&status_advanced=En%20cours",
             But this does not work.

So i did some research and found this thread : Add the ability to add an initial filter to a popup search

It says that initial filter are not implemented for 7.2 but only for Backward Compatibility Modules, which Meetings AND Campaigns ARE.

But it does not work either i'm testing it.

Could you please help me?
Thanks, Gaëlle