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Can you have multiple products listed on alert emails?

Question asked by Joe Harper on Jun 19, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2017 by Thomas Esselun
I have been trying to automate failure points in our order processing system and this is the final sticking point. because of what i think is a limitation of the alert email templates in sugar. As there is not a way to automaticly attach a quote pdf to an email i have to recreate the quote in the form of an email template. this would be great if there was a way to add multiple products to a single alert email but as of now i dont think it is possible. Is anyone doing this?

ex.  i have a quote with 3 products on it. i want to automate the sending of the quote to my manufacturer when the quote stange is closed accepted.

How can i be sure that all 3 products are on the email?

{::future::Quotes::products::name::} returns just one product. Duplicating this code does not work, i just get the same 1 product again and again.