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How can I change the listview sort method on a field in a custom module?

Question asked by Brian Warkentin on Jun 18, 2014
I have a custom module with a field of type varchar(10). Stored values are of the sort R9987-01, R10120-02, etc. This field is unique to each record and is displayed in the list view for this module. I would like to sort on this field, but the sort doesn't work as I would like. I would like the sort to be (i.e. ascending): R10104-01, R10106-02, R192-01, R1991-01, R206-02.

Where would I look to begin looking to change the sort logic that sugar is using?

Edit: I'm guessing that this is somehow related to the order_by parameter in my module's bean file. It seems that the only options available to sort are ascending or descending, but I'm looking for something like a 'natural' sort in this mixed alpha/numeric field.