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How can I Set_Relationship in C#?

Question asked by Steve Johnson on Jun 16, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2015 by Hugo Passos
I am using SugarCRM v.6.5.16
Soap: http://{CRM Path}/service/v4_1/soap.php

I have been tasked to create a program that reads values from a JSON string to input into SugarCRM.

The object creation of Account, Contact, Opportunity etc. is working just fine. I am however unable to the the set_relationship or set_relationships from the SOAP API to work.

If possible could someone give me a quick example of how to make this work. 

I have found **very little** documentation regarding coding in C# and SugarCRM SOAP functions. I can directly insert into the 'link' table but would prefer to utilize the API since somebody took the time to write it. 

If REST would work better than SOAP an example of that would also be useful.