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Workflow email alert fix - ONLY when a change is saved to a SPECIFIED FIELD

Question asked by Wayne Wayne on Jun 12, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2014 by Alex Nassi
Logic - ASSIGNED USER enters data into a SPECIFIED FIELD (custom DATE/TIME field type,) which automatically notifies Admin via email that a CONTACT record (client) has reached a particular stage in our sales process and needs to be followed-up.

Problem - Once configured, we found that the workflow alert would email Admin EACH TIME a change was being saved to that record - not just the SPECIFIED FIELD. Needless to say, Admin where not impressed when they opened their email client and found a wall of unopened workflow email alerts?!

I checked the WORKFLOW DEFINITION three times but the problem persisted. That was until I changed the SPECIFIED FIELD type from DATE/TIME to DATE via STUDIO > CONTACT > FIELDS.

I'm new to Sugar and know nada about coding (and don't wish to know - I'm a Manager not an Engineer!) I hope this post has been helpful.

Peace :)

Sugar Pro 6.7.5