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[Sugar 6.5] Activities subpanel added unexpected subpanels in custom module

Question asked by Mikael Mikael on Jun 12, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2014 by dkallish
I've added a relationship between my custom module and the built-in "Activities" module. This created 4 new subpanels in my custom modules:
- Activities
- History
- Tasks
- Calls

first of all, the subpanels "Tasks" and "Calls" shouldn't have been added.
Now, the "Activities" subpanel is supposed to offer the option of creating tasks, calls, and meetings, and displaying them in the same unified subpanel.
However, when I try to create a call from the activities subpanel, the line is added in the "calls" subpanel.
I've tried manually removing the relationship between my module and "Calls", and also simply hiding the unwanted subpanels, but this didn't help.

When I user Activities from the standard "Contact" module, it works fine though.
Can anyone help me?