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How can I make a dropdown dependent on another dropdown in 7.2?

Question asked by on Jun 11, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2014 by paperless
I am trying to make a drop down, which is dependent on another drop down in Sugar 7.2. I am fairly new to Sugar, so I cannot see, what would be the best solution. 

I have tried more solutions, but I think a custom function would resolve my problems as only java-script will only be in record view and I need to make it work from sub panels as well.

Can someone help me with the this?

What I need to do is:
A drop down with the values (taken from visibility grid);
$dictionary['Opportunity']['fields']['filiere_code_dropdown_c']['visibility_grid']= array(
    'trigger' => 'filiere_c',

        'values' => array(

            'Engineering' => array(



            'Training' => array(



            'Project Management' => array(



            'Consultancy' => array(



            'Development' => array(



            'Resale' => array(



            'Undefined' => array(





Thank you for the help.