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How can I create notes with an attachment in SugarCRM using SOAP API?

Question asked by Mahavir Mahavir on Jun 10, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2014 by Mukta Patel
I am using following code for doing same,but not qualify successfully :

$client = new SoapClient(NULL,$url);
$response = $client->login ($user_auth,'test');
$create_note = $client->set_entry($session_id, 'Notes', array(array('name'=>'name','value'=>'Note Subject Line' ),array('name'=>'description','value'=>'Test content for note again'),

$contents = file_get_contents("/var/www/bb.js");
$note = array(array('name'=>'id','value'=>$create_note->id), 

$create_note = $client->set_note_attachment($session_id,$note);

In this code i can create Note Successfully,but attachment is not attached to that created Notes.
Please help me where i am wrong.