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I keep getting logged out and nothing is working for me when I login again. The Server says PHP WebDav error message appears

Question asked by emmacl emmacl on Jun 9, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2014 by Alex Nassi
I have tried on Chrome, IE & Firefox and issue keeps occuring.  After I login on the SugarCRM login screen, I get an popup error message that says the server requires a username and password. The Server says PHP WebDav.  It will not accept my username and password.  If I hit cancel it disapears but then the functionality of SugarCRM is affected, ie I keep getting logged out and when I eventually get into Studio after many logins all screens are empty so I can't use it.  This happened on Chrome, I logged in on Chrome, worked fine and no errors, closed down for a couple of hours, logged in and this happened.  I tried on Firefox and the exact same thing is after happening.  I am trying to get SugarCRM CE up and running for a charity and I am not a developer so I could really use some help please please.  This is driving me nuts