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Alineasol  problem with selection Email Marketing in Create Reports when you select Report Module

Question asked by Emilio1985 Emilio1985 on Jun 4, 2014
Hello everybody,

I'm using SugarCrm Community edition  6.5.16. Alineasol version 4.0.4

This problem occurs when you do this(Create a report with alineasol click on the select of Report Module select Email Marketing), and the invisible/visible input is not checked.

It appears Loading data all the time.

My own solution was this:

go this php \modules\asol_Reports\include_basic\manageReportsFunctions.php

And i went to this function:

static public function getFieldsSelectHtml($database, $selectedModule, $audited_report = 0)

I found this

            //***AlineaSol Premium***//
        } else if (($selectedModule != '')) {
            $fieldsToBeRemoved = self::getNonVisibleFields($selectedModule, $isDomainsInstalled);
            $isAudited = self::isModuleAudited($selectedModule);
            $bean = BeanFactory::newBean($selectedModule);
and after this i put this:

            $pos = strpos($selectedModule, 'Marketing');
            if ($pos>0)
                $audited_report =1;

The idea is put audited_report=1 when the user select Marketing Module.

I share this. If someone know better idea(for other languages, in spanish it works because is "Marketing por Email") can share with me.