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How can I relate custom modules?

Question asked by Brent Brent on Jun 2, 2014
I am new to sugar so please forgive me if this isn't explained very well. We have a custom module that was built called "Invoice History". Currently this module is linked to "Accounts" and I also have "Quotes" that are linked to "Accounts". I need to find a way to link "Invoice History" and "Quotes".

I Tried to setup a one-to-many relationship between "Quotes" and "Invoice History" and I even have a "Invoice History" panel showing up under "Quotes" like I want but none of the invoices are showing there. 

Currently Quotes have a quote_num field that matches up with the Invoices so_number field but I do not know how to define that relationship. I read that with a one-to-many relationship, you need to create a relate field in the related module to the primary module but I did no see where to define what fields would be used to create the foreign key.