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How can I access an email address through a relate field?

Question asked by tobydz on May 31, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2014 by paperless
Here's the setup:  I've created a custom module (Contact Module A) that's nothing more than a clone of the contacts module.  Instead of creating a relationship to that module, I just put a relate field on another module that points to it (Custom Module B) .  How would I go about accessing the email address on "Contact Module A" in a logic hook from "Custom Module B" (where the Relate Field is).... So here's a practical use case:

"Real Estate Property Module" has a relate field that contains a Relate Field that points to a record in the "Realtor Contact Module"... I put a Before_Save logic hook on the Property Module, and I want to access the email address of the realtor on the Realtor Module.

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