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Blank screen on save after adding field via manifest

Question asked by mdinat3 on May 27, 2014
Latest reply on May 27, 2014 by mdinat3
Working with version 6.5.15. I have created a new module and published it. Im trying to add a relate field into leads using the manifest file i have this

'custom_fields'=>array ( 
     'Leadste_team_c' => array(       'comments' => NULL,
            'help' => NULL,
            'module' => 'Leads',  
            'type' => 'relate',
                //'table' => 'te_teams',
            'require_option' => '0',
            'default_value' => NULL,
       'date_modified' => '2014-03-11 14:48:23',
       'deleted' => '0',
       'audited' => '0',
       'mass_update' => '0',
       'duplicate_merge' => '0',
       'reportable' => '0',
       'importable' => 'true',
       'ext1' => 'name',
       'ext3' => NULL,
       'ext4' => NULL,
       'label' => 'Team',
       'name' => 'assigned_team_c',
       'id' => 'te_team_id_c',

This adds the field into leads but it doesn't work, i add the field to edit view. Enter data into it save and i get a blank screen. Remove the field and the view comes back. When i right click inspect element i notice on the relate field the hidden field name and id are blank so i know i missing something. Please help thanks