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How do you make custom relationship (role) fields reportable?

Question asked by Ishani Vardhan on May 24, 2014
Hi there,

We are running Sugar PRO 7.1.5 and have a custom many-to-many relationship between Accounts & Contacts module => accounts_contacts_1

There are a couple of custom relationship role (checkbox) fields built on intersection of this relationship such as 

n so on.

We were successfully able to get these role fields on subpanel where they are editable and work fine.

However we aren't able to build Reports using these role fields as filters. When we select "Accounts" as Report Module, "Contacts" get listed twice in list of related modules

Contacts (on hover shows accounts_contacts_1)
Contacts (on hover shows accounts_contacts)

When we click on the former, there are no custom relationship role fields visible in "Available Fields" section.

Tried editing role_a_c field in accounts_contacts_1Vardefs.php and accounts_contacts_1MetaData.php by setting 'reportable' => true followed by Quick R&R but didn't work.

Is there a way to be able to make these custom relationship fields reportable under Reports Module?

Any guidance in this direction would be highly appreciated.