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How do you display the Related To module in listview?

Question asked by Abhi Abhi on May 24, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2014 by Abhi Abhi
Hi All 

i was working on meeting module and there is field called as related to in edit view page . i customize the related to field in list view by studio . 
and its showing related account name or lead name perfectly . but on list view it s not showing the module name . 

      i have two meeting first is related to account called as adr crop
      and second  meeting  is related to lead called as linda crop .

on list view  
    it will show that first meeting is related to adr crop 
and second meeting is related to linda crop .

but its not showing the module name .. like adr crop is account and linda crop is lead

so how can i identify weather which meeting is related to which module . ?? 

Thank you for your time