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How to override Cases quick create view in the subpanel under accounts module?

Question asked by Syed Shadab Mohammed on May 22, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2015 by Marc Yu
I am using SugarCE I have override the view.edit.php and it working fine on normal create case option, but when i am trying to create case under the accounts its not overriding the view.edit.php functions. even i have  used 'useForSubpanel' property as an true even thought its not working.

I tried almost every possibilitys:
1) created view.quckcreate.php - NOT WORKING
2)created view.classic.php       - NOT WORKING
3) Created SubpanelQuckcreate.php - NOT WORKING

can anyone help me how to use the same feature of view.edit.php in quickcreate form for cases under Accounts

Syed Sam