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Exchange Inbound Settings for IMAP are not accepted by Sugar

Question asked by john s. on May 22, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2014 by passignat passignat

Version 6.5.16 Community Edition (Build 1082)

Hello Guys 

I tried to Setup the Email Settings for Inbound Connection with our Exchange Server.

What I've done:

1.  Activate Imap 4 In Server -> Client Acess

2. Set an Recieve Connector for the port 143 on sugar crm ip adress 

3. in  user account  im4p access  activated.

Then i had used this how to to gather infos for the Account Dates on exchange.

But   after a test connection sugar crm says that the password or login is inccorect 

so i guess that the  account login is wrong ...

My assumed  account login is :

User Name : servername/mailboxname 

(malboxname  is the from

passwort: user passwort from outlook login 

Do I missed something ?

regards john s.