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AlineaSol Work Flow Manager: some friendly suggestions for the developer

Question asked by MaartenGolf MaartenGolf on May 22, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2014 by Bill Convis

As we are (slowly) beginnning to understand the potential of AlineaSol's Work Flow Manager ('A-WFM') our enthousiasme is growing. This program can save us a lot of time in our daily business!

But the learning curve is steep and while the new 2014 manual is nice, it leaves a lot of room for improvement (sorry.).

Some suggestions to the developers:

1. Please include 5-10 pre-configured Processes, including Events, Activities and Tasks. With the installation files.
I'm sure that most end-users have similar basic needs w.r.t. workflows.
I and others can provide some suggestions if need be

Why: it would significantly reduce the learning curve in understanding the complexities of A-WFM.  Either by using them straight out-of-the-box or by studying them.

2. If (1) is technically not possible, then please write these 5-10 examples in the Manual, in every detail and with lots of explanations at each step (in 'Dummy-level' words please)

Keep up the good work!