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Where can I find more information on WFM-variables for Alineasol workflow?

Question asked by MaartenGolf MaartenGolf on May 22, 2014

We have AlineaSol Workflow Manager version 4 running on SugarCRM CE 6.5.

I have read the only manual I could find 'AlineaSol WFM. Guide for release 4.x. Version 1'

But the explanations on WFM-variables is not enough for me. Some questions I still have.

Where can I find more information on:

1. Complete list of all predefined WFM-variables?  Including detailed definitions.

2. Complete list of all Custom variables? And more practical examples please

3. how to generate User-defined WFM variables.

4. Where can I find the WFM Variable Generator?  I can't find it in Admin section of SugarCRM

5. Much more concrete examples of WFM Tasks & Activities.  I read 'Examples AlineaSol WFM.doc' but it only contains 1 example.

Thank you in advance for any help.