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Missing PHP modules needed for On Site installation

Question asked by John B on May 16, 2014
Latest reply on May 17, 2014 by John B

I've been trying to install Sugar 7.2 Enterprise as an on premises install and am running into some issues, The biggest issue is PHP. I can get the PHP 5.3.25 to compile, make and install and everything looks OK. However, some of the PHP modules that Sugar needs are missing. Modules such as bcmath, curl and gd. So I'm thinking that a module or modules are missing. so I tried APT-GET of php5-bcmath and php5-curl. The only problem is that the modules that I did the APT-GET on are newer modules, and I'm afraid that they will not be compatible with php-5.3.25. And, they are not showing up on phpinfo(). 

If anyone has experience with doing an on-premises install and can shed some light on how to properly install php-5.3.25 AND the related modules for php-5.3.25 it would be greatly appreciated.