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How can I make a conditionally read only relate field?

Question asked by Joana Lopes da Fonseca on May 16, 2014
Latest reply on May 19, 2014 by Joana Lopes da Fonseca
I'm trying to make a relate field read only conditionally. For that i have edited the editviewdefs.php file adding customCode in the definition of the field and creating a file view.edit.php with the condition to make it read only. The problem is that being a related field, when and add the 'customCode' part in the editviewdefs, the buttons to the relate field no longer exist, even though when the field is not read only.

Does anyone knows how can i solve this problem? 
I'm using version CE 6.5.16

Thank you for your help, i really appreciate :)


Joana Lopes da Fonseca