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Is there a combined search for accounts and contacts when building a target list?

Question asked by Pete Baumann on May 15, 2014
Vor Campaigns sometimes it is neccessary to search for COntacts and also for Accounts (if e.a. no contact exists for some accounts)

So the User have to make a seach within accounts, add to ProspectList and then make this step again in Contacts Module.

We would like to make a Userfriendly was to search within both modules. Not a Reporting Module because this is much to dificult for most of the users.

Maybe a simple listview that combines all the searchfields of both modules and that shows tha accounts and the Contacts that match the searchcriteria.

And in listview as already available in Accounts/Contacts Module you can add the selected to a prospectlist.

We are PHP-Developers, but first want to know if maybe already someone tried to make something like that.

a totaly custom View is not the problem. We only at the moment do not know how to create the combined query for contacts and accounts by using Sugar-Logic and not writing whole queries as custom queries. A

would be happy for any input.