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Custom request returns empty fields using Soap

Question asked by Anastasia Anastasia on May 12, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2016 by David Villasmil

Sugar Version 6.5.16 (Build1082)

Asterisk SugarCRM Connector module 2.6.0b

Simple code:
$response = $client->get_entry_list($session_id, "Users", "users_cstm.asterisk_ext_c = '".$extension."'");
But in any case, I got  $response->result_count is 0.

If I made a mistake:

$response = $client->get_entry_list($session_id, "Users", "users_cstm.asterisk_ext_c2 = '".$extension."'");
I saw next  in sugar.log
SELECT count(*) c FROM users     LEFT JOIN  users_cstm on = users_cstm.id_c    and  users_cstm.id_c is null   LEFT JOIN   users jt0 on and jt0.deleted=0 and jt0.deleted=0   and is null   LEFT JOIN   calls_users jtl1 on and jtl1.deleted=0 and is null   LEFT JOIN   calls jt1 on and jt1.deleted=0 and jt1.deleted=0   and is null   LEFT JOIN   meetings_users jtl2 on and jtl2.deleted=0 and is null   LEFT JOIN   meetings jt2 on and jt2.deleted=0 and jt2.deleted=0   and is null   LEFT JOIN   accounts_users_1_c jtl3 on and jtl3.deleted=0 and is null   LEFT JOIN   accounts jt3 on and jt3.deleted=0 and jt3.deleted=0   and is null   LEFT JOIN   securitygroups_users jtl4 on and jtl4.deleted=0 and is null   LEFT JOIN   securitygroups jt4 on and jt4.deleted=0and jt4.deleted=0 and is null  where (users_cstm.asterisk_ext_c2 = '100') AND users.deleted=0: MySQL error 1054: Unknown column 'users_cstm.asterisk_ext_c2' in 'where clause'

and  users_cstm.id_c is null 

and is null


If I made 
$response = $client->get_entry($session_id, "Users", "1");
All fields from users_cstm are empty, but in database are full.
Where is compose query? How fix it?
Plase help me.