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Fatal error: Call to undefined function generateEtagHeader() AND Cannot use string offset as an array

Question asked by Raymon Raymon on May 12, 2014
Latest reply on May 13, 2014 by Raymon Raymon
when im importing sugar database to mysql an error occured like sugarCRM file should 

use a sugarCRM databseof the same version.. so, look for some forums and learned to 

just copy the user.php from older versions and the error was resolved.. but my problem 

is that now, there are many more errors occured such as  1.) Fatal error: Call to 

undefined function generateEtagHeader() in C:\wamp\www\SugarCRM\include\MVC\View

\views\view.ajaxui.php on line 62   2.) Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an 

array in C:\wamp\www\SugarCRM\include\ListView\ListViewSmarty.php on line 132