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Custom Module relationship issues

Question asked by Lee Dickens on May 6, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2015 by manu manu
I have a one to many relationship from custom modules sites -> to custom module contact information.  If the one to many relationship is removed or changed to many to many I can no longer get a list view by clicking the contact information custom module.  If the one to many relationship is restored then I can again get a list view by clicking "contact information".

This seems very broken.  A module should still function properly even if the relationship from it's parent is removed.  How can I fix this? 

I'm running 6.3.0.  I'm redeploying the module each time from the module builder; however, I just read that I should not be doing so.   The article I read indicated I should be deploying relationship free one time and then doing all edits from the studio.  I would be fine with this except that my module stops functioning when the relationship is removed!