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Problem with searches. Mr. and Ms.

Question asked by Emilio1985 Emilio1985 on May 5, 2014
Latest reply on May 13, 2014 by Emilio1985 Emilio1985
Hello everyone,

I imported contacts with the salutation(Mr. or Ms.) in spanish is Sr. or Sra. When i do searches with last name it don't search. For example contact Sr. A. Gonzalez. When i search by Gonzalez not show me results. when i quit the salutation(Sr./Sra.)  it show me the contact correctly.
I think is about the  SavedSearches.php which use a temporal table "saved_search". But i'm not sure and i don't know how to change this php (or other) for resolve this.

Thanks for advance.

A little more information:
When i return to put Sr to the contact who quit the salutation it show me correctly.For example
i had had "A. Gonzalez" i had put another time Mr. I had "Sr. A. Gonzalez". I searched Gonzalez and show me correctly.