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What are some best practices around Activity & Intelligence?

Question asked by jasond jasond on Apr 30, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2014 by jasond jasond
Hi everyone.  We are using Sugar Professional (6.7.5).  Our goal is to have our Internal Sales team reach out to:

  1. Leads (trade show, web, etc.)
  2. Existing customers 
  3. Self generated leads
The goal being to generate new sales, cross sell and gauge satisfaction.  The priority is with leads and existing customers.  How would you suggest we log activity when we call on these different segments?  

Existing customers for instance... the communications with them (e-mail or phone) could lead to us learning more about competition, new opportunities, etc. Would I want to house that information at the account level?  I would hesitate to house intelligence in the call or e-mail module because the intelligence would then be spread out over difference modules.

If we do house it on the account level, how do I make an overall activity report that displays calls, e-mails and what transpired as a result... all on one report?  

Thanks in advance for any insight you offer...