Mark Willert

SugarCRM 7.x Roadmap delays...

Discussion created by Mark Willert on Apr 28, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2016 by Chris Tng

with the release of SugarCRM 7.2, there were some anouncements in the commentary that left me a little wondering:

Version 7.2 Released!

So, right now, we have running the LAMP (MySQL) and LAPD (DB2) stack, without updating from Sugar 6.x (save for the manual way).

Sugar 7.5 (September 2014) will bring updating from 6.5.x for LAMP, but no additional platforms.

Sugar 7.7 (Q1 2015) will add support for Windows, MSSQL, Oracle and DB2 generally and for updating from 6.5.x

Some time earlier, we were still at 7.5 for all the stacks:

No recent document mentions IIS as supported server in the future. 'Windows stack' can mean both Apache and IIS. Please clarify if IIS will be supported for Sugar 7.x, and in which release this is planned. Also, a bit more open communication on the roadmap would be greatly appreciated.