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Need assistance configuring a workflow trigger on Case creation after a 1 min time lapse

Question asked by hats on Apr 28, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2014 by Alan Beam
Hello Folks,

Just got stuck in workflow automation in Sugar Pro.
I need to achieve this condition:

-> A user will create a case from Portal through set_entry api call and case will be generated in sugar -  Working
-> Next, set_relationship api will be called to set relationship of case with Account contacts - Working
-> Need to send alert to all the contacts - Not working

Now, when the case is getting created, I need to wait for some time (lets say 1min max) to set the relationship with contacts and then notify the contacts via email.

How to set it up using Sugar Workflow Management so that there should be some time elapse between the new case creation.
I tried using time elapse condition, but it didn't match my requirement. Please help me out on this.
Any help would be appreciated.