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How to transfer PDF attachments from one custom module to another?

Question asked by SloppyJo_ SloppyJo_ on Apr 25, 2014
Hi All, 

We developed a custom module using the File module template from Studio to upload PDF attachments. This was done so we would not have to use the default "Notes/Attachments" module as we were using this for another purpose (don't ask why, was just following orders). 

I've recently created another module in Studio using the File module template. I would like to take PDF files found in the original module and transfer them to the new module and attach them to the records in the new module. 


Module 1 consists of only PDF attachments (filename.pdf)

Module 2 (new module) consists of more fields, including the "File" field where you can upload attachment to the record). 

I would like to take the PDFs from Module 1, export them, then import them to records from Module 2. Is this possible?

Also, will the GUID for the attachments remain the same?

We are using SugarCRM Pro 6.5.16