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How do you build different mailing lists for email use?

Question asked by r00kie r00kie on Apr 25, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2014 by paperless

Hey Folks,

I'm new in the SugarCommunity. It is the first time I'm working with this application.

We're looking for a CRM-Software to manage our contacts/customers working (~2300).

We're a NPO using SugarCE.

1. question:

How can I build static Mailing lists from based on contacts and accounts in sugar?

ATM the employees have those groups in Outlook for sending different mail-contents depending on different issues (the content is different). It is not the same content for each group in general.

Is it possible to handle that?

2. question:

I'd like to import the contacts from Outlook. They are stored in public folders.

Does anybody know a helpful tool?

best regards,